About This Site

This site has been put together by IDEO and the K12 Lab Network at Stanford’s d.school. Over the years we have seen so many schools and programs create amazing experiences for youth, helping them get in touch with their “inner designer” and build confidence in their creative abilities. With more and more programs emerging around the world, we wanted a place where we could see the global movement unfold,  we wanted parents to find programs to send their kids to, and we wanted teachers and administrators to be able to find like-minded colleagues with they could connect.

Both organizations were founded by David Kelley, whose goal in life is to help people of all ages and backgrounds build their creative confidence. Check out his TED talk on the subject, and the book he and his brother Tom Kelley recently wrote.

About IDEO

IDEO (pronounced “eye-dee-oh”) is an award-winning global design firm that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to helping organizations in the public,  private, and social sectors innovate and grow. As experts in design thinking, we have been applying our creativity to help our education systems progress, and have been creating resources for teachers and students to use design thinking in their everyday lives.

About the K12 Lab Network, Stanford d.school

The d.school’s K12 Lab Network is committed to the ideal that all children deserve an opportunity to become creative innovators. Through partnerships and prototypes we work with edu innovators of all kinds — classroom teachers, school leaders, ed tech entrepreneurs, and learning experience designers — to imagine new possibilities for the role that design thinking can play in teaching and learning. We love helping educators develop their own creative confidence.